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welcome to my classical music blog. this blog will be an open-ended series of music appreciation/music history sort of mini-lectures, written for the average person. I hope to give readers a “guided tour” of the great composers, by providing biographical and historical background, and pointing out what to listen for in their music, all done in a non- ivory tower kind of way.

to me, there is a wonder and awe in classical music, a strange and beautiful world that opens up when you listen. some people see value in classical music in that it’s “intellectual,” or “cultural,” or it’s “soothing,” or that it informs you of world history and culture, or that it supposedly makes you smarter. I think there are varying degrees of truth to some of these reasons, but in the end, i’m personally drawn back to classical music again and again because of the sheer magic of it, and that it’s simply enjoyable. I hope to share glimpses of that with you.

enjoy reading and listening, and any questions, comments, requests, feedback are always welcome!


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